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Volcanoes of Canary Islands

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The Art Studio

Under the tall palms of La Gomera, on the wild beach of Santiago, stands a house that it's walls being kissed by the ocean's waves for more than 80 years.
Around 10 years ago, a couple of jewelry artists ,Gwen and Moty, bought the place and transformed it into a sanctuary of arts and crafts, a magical place for all fine handmade jewelry lovers...

From the press

The special story of the art studio caught the attention of the media in Spain. In here you can find an interview with us about the studio made by, international fashion magazine.

Volcanoes of Canary Islands

The Canary Islands emerged from the sea due to powerful volcanic activity, This is why you can find Lava Stones all around Canary islands, and in our Studio :) 
All major islands, one minor island, and several small islets were originally volcanic islands, formed by the Canary hotspot, some of them still active till today...

Wild La Gomera

Unlike its larger neighbours, La Gomera is a lush island with its own volcanic vibrations, the green pearl of the Canary islands.
Mostly covered by mountains, rain-forests, beautiful "barrancos" (Spanish for Ravines) and raw, untouched nature
Small but wild and full of history - owned by tribes, speaking special whistled language which can be heard 2 miles away
Even Christopher Columbus made it his last port of call before crossing the Atlantic...

Products Photo-shoots

All professional photo-shoots of the products in the website done by the talented photographer, and a dear friend, Galit Amiel. Check out her Instagram for more information and incredible photos