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The Art Studio

Under the tall palms of La Gomera, on the wild beach of Santiago, stands a house that it's walls being kissed by the ocean's waves for more than 80 years. It has been used by the locals to pack bananas for shipping. Around 10 years ago, a couple of jewelry artists ,Gwen and Moty, bought the place and transformed it into a sanctuary of arts and crafts, a magical place for all fine handmade jewelry lovers. 

Inside the studio, you will find different artists, painters, sculptors, and other intellectuals from around the Canary islands, and more. You could appreciate their artisanal works, and get to know their world.

Most of the studio's creations are unique, one of a kind pieces. Handmade by Gwen and Moty, using silver, gold, brass, copper, semi-precious, and precious stones.

In the trips they take around the world, Gwen and Moty always try to discover and bring to the art studio new original creations made by talented people.

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